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Go See – New York: ‘Will Ryman: A New Beginning’ at Marlborough Gallery through October 10, 2009

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Rose #39
, Will Ryman. Via Marlborough Gallery

‘Will Ryman: A New Beginning’, an exhibition showcasing the work of New York artist Will Ryman, is currently showing at the Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea. This is Ryman’s second exhibition at the gallery and follows his much celebrated show at the Saatchi Gallery in London earlier this year.  ‘A New Beginning’ has taken over the first floor of the gallery and features 39 sculptures, ranging in size from 2ft – 7ft high. The sculptures depict over 100 Roses which vary in shades of pink and red amid a garden of detritus. Visitors are encouraged to roam through the garden in which their view is distorted to reflect that of a rodent.

Will Ryman Installation video. Via Marlborough Gallery

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Go See – Basel: Vincent van Gogh ‘BETWEEN EARTH and HEAVEN: The Landscapes’ at Kunstmuseum Basel through September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

van Gogh’s “Ernte in der Provence” (1888), at Kunstmuseum Basel.

The Kunstmuseum Basel is currently showing works by the master painter Vincent van Gogh.  Seventy paintings, both better- and lesser-known, are featured in this first large-scale showing of exclusively landscape works by the artist.  The van Gogh paintings will be accompanied by a biographical video on the artist as well as forty landscape pieces by his contemporaries.  The intended result gives patrons a look at van Gogh’s contribution to the evolution of technique and concept in landscape work. The show closes on September 27.

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Vernissage has video of the exhibition.

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Go See – New York: In & Out of Amsterdam: Travels in Conceptual Art, 1960-1976' at MoMA, through October 5, 2009

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Gilbert and George - Great Expectations
Gilbert & George’s ‘Great Expectations,’ via MoMA

On view through October 5, 2009 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York is ‘In & Out of Amsterdam: Travels in Conceptual Art, 1960-1976,’ an exhibition that examines the beginnings of conceptualism and the role that international travel – in this case, particularly between Amsterdam and Los Angeles – played in shaping the movement. The exhibition includes ten American and European artists, from heavy-hitters such as Sol LeWitt and Lawrence Weiner, to the mythologized, like Bas Jan Ader and Stanley Brouwn, to lesser-known and peripheral figures such as Charlotte Posenenske. The focal point is the now-defunct but highly influential Amsterdam gallery Art & Project. Founders Geert van Beijeren and Adriaan van Ravesteijn gifted the museum 230 works in 2007, which make up the majority of the 75 works that appear in the exhibition.

Sol LeWitt - Area of Amsterdam Between Leidseple Jan Dibbets's House and Kunstijsbaan Jaapeden
Sol LeWitt’s ‘Area of Amsterdam Between Leidseple Jan Dibbets’s House and Kunstijsbaan Jaapeden,’ via MoMA

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Bas Jan Ader - Art and Project Bulletin 89
Bas Jan Ader’s ‘Art & Bulletin 89,’ via MoMA


Go See – London: Julian Opie at A&D Gallery through September 14, 2009

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Julian Opie, A & D Gallery, London
“Ruth Smoking #2″ (2006) by Julian Opie. Via Art4Presents

The new work of Julian Opie is currently showing at A and D Gallery in London, UK. Dabbed as “Hoxton’s answer to Warhol,” Opie achieved his early success in 1983 when Lisson Gallery featured his first solo exhibit, thus paving the way for the fellow British contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst to take the art scene by storm. His quirky and highly stylized portraits are created to reflect the high speed lifestyles of its subjects.  The show is a continuation of Opie’s study and will be showing until September 14th, 2009.

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Julian Opie via Artfacts

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Go See – Bregenz: Antony Gormley at Kunsthaus Bregenz Through October 4, 2009

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Antony Gormley Kunsthaus
Detail view Critical Mass II, Antony Gormley’s work exhibited currently at Kunsthaus Bregenz

Four major installations by a British contemporary artist Antony Gormley, made over the last fifteen years, are presented at Kunsthaus Bregenz. Body and Fruit, Allotment, Critical Mass and Clearing are works currently showing in the Austrian exhibition space. The latter four series by Antony Gormley all explore the artist’s favored themes: body, memory and self-knowledge. The dialogue aroused when these themes involve the viewer becomes an essential part of Gormley’s art. “Every experience in some way is given depth by previous experience” A.Gormley. The show runs through October 4, 2009.

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Antony Gormley at Kunsthaus Bregenz via Vernissage TV

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AO On Site: New York: Kate Levant “Blood Drive” at Zach Feuer, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Blood Drive Kate Levant Zach Feuer

Kate Levant compromised an exhibit at Zach Feuer Gallery in New York.  Having opened July 16 2009, the exhibition closed September 4.  Last two days of the duration of the show turned Zach Feuer Gallery into a space where Blood Drive was conducted. A Yale MFA student, Kate Levant assembled works by six artists: Noel Anderson, BOBO, Brian Faucette, Michael E. Smith, Elaine Stocki and Jacques Vidal. The show received amount of press coverage unusual for an artist still in school.

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Blood Drive Kate Levant Zach Feuer

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Breaking: Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to exhibit in the Château de Versailles in 2010

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Takashi Murakami Golden Bear
A recent work by Takashi Murakami via Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

This morning in Paris, during event to promote the launch of a show of work on September 13th by French pop artist Xavier Veilhan at Château de Versailles, the Versailles museum director Jean-Jacques Aillagon announced to the Associated Free Press that Japanese artist Takashi Murakami had been chosen to appear at the venerable institution in 2010.  Murakami is often described as the “Japanese Warhol” due perhaps to his Pop art style and extremely prolific production of work.  Of course another artist often described in this way is Jeff Koons, who in the winter of last year displayed many of his significant sculpture pieces at Versailles, which though iconic as contemporary art, were perhaps incongruous to that particular location.

Though the Jeff Koons in Versailles show last year was generally concluded to be both a successful and well attended exhibition, with almost 1 million visitors attending, it did garner significant controversy.  Prince Charles-Emmanuel de Bourbon-Parme, a French aristocrat in the line of succession to the French throne and a descendant of the palace’s original creator, Louis XIV, mounted a high profile legal challenge to the installation, which ultimately failed.  Prince Charles-Emmanuel cited the Koons exhibition as “pornographic.”  As Takashi Murakami is also known to produce relatively illicit subject matter in his art this exhibit may as well stir up some ire with French traditionalists.

Takashi Murakami is soon to have simultaneous solo exhibitions this month in both Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea on September 17th, New York and at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris on September 15th.

Château de Versailles

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AO On Site: Deitch Opening: Tauba Auerbach, New York September 3, show runs through October 17, 2009

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Tauba Auerbach Deitch

On September 3, 2009 Deitch Projects hosted openings for two shows that will run concurrently till mid October and end of September. In the gallery’s space at 18 Wooster Street an exhibition  of Tauba Auerbach’s works will run through October 17, 2009. Titled “HERE AND NOW/AND NOWHERE” the show is comprised of paintings, sculptures and photographs by the artist. At the center of the gallery is a musical instrument,”Auerglass”, an organ for two. It is conceived by the artist and her friend Cameron Mesirow- a musician from the Glasser band. The organ requires two people to play. Each of the two players gets every other note. An opening Glasser performance will be held on September 11th at Deitch Projects and will be consequently held at 5p.m. for the duration of the show.

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Tauba Auerbach Deitch

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AO On Site: Deitch Opening: Kehinde Wiley, New York September 3, show runs through September 26, 2009

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

via The World’s Best Ever

Two openings at Deitch took place September 3, 2009. In the smaller space on Grand Street in New York were presented works by Kehinde Wiley, an African-American artist known for paintings of contemporary hip-hop trend setters. His painting style is sophisticated and reminiscent of traditional portraitists works. However, in Kehinde Wiley’s current exhibit titled “Black Light”, one encounters a new path that the artist has taken in exploration of photographic medium.  Still using historically rooted references, he creates portraits of often religious connotations apparent in the positioning of the subject depicted and in the very scale of the work. Kehinde Wiley, thus, transforms the subcultural stereotypes of urban African-American icons to a fantastical realm. “Art is illusion” he comments. The exhibit runs through September 27, 2009.

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Kehinde Wiley Deitch
The artist, Kehinde Wiley at Deitch opening of his show “Black Light”

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Go See – London: Richard Wright at Gagosian Gallery through October 3rd , 2009

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Richard Wright Untitled Gagosian
Richard Wright’s ‘Untitled’ via Gagosian Gallery

On view now at Gagosian Gallery’s Davies Street location in London is an exhibition of the work of Richard Wright, one of four artists shortlisted for this year’s Turner Prize. The highlight of the show is a site-specific painting on the ceiling made with silver leaf. Many of Wright’s works are created in situ, responding to  the architectural layout, often working with overlooked places, with the overall design of the work evolving until its completion. The exhibition also includes a number of works on paper.

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Turner Prize 2009: Richard Wright [Tate]
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Richard Wright Untitled Installation View Gagosian4
Installation view of Richard Wright’s untitled ceiling work, via Gagosian Gallery


Go See – New York: “Compass in Hand: Selections from the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection” at the MOMA, Through January 4, 2010

Monday, September 7th, 2009

“Camp Forestia” (1996) by Peter Doig. Via NY Times.

On view now until early 2010, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has opened the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection, which was originally acquired in 2005. The exhibit features over 2,500 contemporary works and surveys “various methods and materials within the styles of gestural and geometric abstraction, representation and figuration, and systems-based conceptual drawings.” Artists showcased in the exhibition include Lee Bontecou, Joseph Beuys, Donald Judd, Hanne Darboven, Elizabeth Peyton, John Currin, Amelie von Wulffen, Mona Hatoum, Lucy McKenzie, Paulina Olowska, Nate Lowman, and more.

“Untitled” by Kai Althoff (2004). Via NY Times.

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AO On Site – Philadelphia: Marcel Duchamp “Étant donnés” at Philadelphia Museum of Art, through November 29, 2009

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Marcel Duchamp, Étant donnés, Philadelphia Museum of Art
A visitor looks through two holes in a wooden door to Étant donnés, the Marcel Duchamp masterpiece behind it and the subject of a new show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Image via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Through November 29, 2009, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is showing works by the late master Marcel Duchamp. Almost 100 works of art related to the artist’s Étant donnés are featured in this celebration of the 40th anniversary of the piece’s unveiling at the Museum, which has hosted it since 1969. Drawn mostly from the museum’s holdings, the show also includes works on loan from public and private holdings in Germany, Israel, France, Sweden, and the United States.

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marcel duchamp, étant donnés, philadelphia museum of art
Interior view of Marcel Duchamp’s Étant donnés, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Image via the Wall Street Journal.

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Go see – Venice: “Bruce Nauman: Topological Gardens” at the Venice Biennale, through November 22, 2009

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Bruce Nauman Topological Gardens
The U.S. Pavilion at Venice Biennale bearing a neon piece by Bruce Nauman via Contemporary Art Daily

Currently representing the US at Venice Biennale are works by Bruce Nauman. Titled “Topological Gardens” the show breaks the physical boundaries of US Pavilion extending its presence to the outside of the exhibition space and occupying additional two sites in Venice.  The official US entry at the 53d Venice Biennale is organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is comprised of Bruce Nauman’s works created over the course of past forty years. The three exhibition sites include: the United States Pavilion, Universita IUAV and the Universita Ca’ Foscari. The Venice Biennale will be conclude November 22, 2009.

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Bruce Nauman: Topological Gardens/ US Pavilion/ 53d Venice Biennale 2009 via Vernissage TV

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Go see – London: Zhang Huan’s Zhu Gangqiang at White Cube Mason’s Yard through October 3, 2009

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Picture 7
Zhang Huan, Zhu Gangqiang No.6, via White Cube

An exploration of memory, spirituality and hope through the miraculous survival of a pig is being conducted at London’s White Cube by Chinese performance and visual artist Zhang Huan. The show is based around one of the greatest natural disasters to hit China in recent memory. In May 2008, an earthquake reaching magnitude of 8 on the Richter Scale killed 60,000 people. Amongst the chaos, for 49 days, a pig persevered. Carried by Buddhist belief that the soul remains on earth between death and transmigration for exactly this amount of time, this pig is now a symbol of life and hope, renamed Cast-Iron Pig (or Zhu Gangqiang in Chinese, hence the theme of the show).

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Picture 5
Zhang Huan, Zhu Gangqiang No.0, via White Cube

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Go See – New York: ‘Focus: Oskar Kokoschka’ at Neue Galerie through October 5, 2009

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

oskar kokoschka rudolf blümner neue galerie new york focus
Oskar Kokoschka, “Rudolf Blümner” (1910), part of a new show of the artist’s works at Neue Galerie New York.

Neue Galerie New York is currently showing six oil paintings and 40 drawings by the late Oskar Kokoschka.  All works are drawn from the museum’s holdings, and will be on display through October 5.  “Focus” runs concurrently with the Neue Galerie’s “Selections from the Permanent Collection,” which shows works that comment on the political and social changes in post-WWI Germany.

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oskar kokoschka martha hirsch (dreaming woman) focus neue galerie new york
Oskar Kokoschka, “Martha Hirsch (Dreaming Woman” (1909), at Neue Galerie.

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Go See-Schwabisch Hall: David Hockney- Just Nature at the Kunsthalle Wurth through September 27th 2009

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

David Hockney-Grobere Baume bei Warter-2008
Grobere Baume bei Warter (2008) by David Hockney, via Kunsthalle Wuerth

Currently on view at the Kunsthalle Wurth Museum in Schwabisch Hall, Germany, is “Just Nature” featuring David Hockney’s most recent work. Contrary to previous assertions, the exhibition highlights his rediscovery of the beautiful landscapes of his hometown of Yorkshire.  Best known for his work as an experimental painter, these works emphasize his newly found enthusiasm for natural scenes.  Even while masterfully mixing realistic yet simple renditions of the natural world, these works still continue to question the potential of painting.  There seem to remain hints of his earlier paintings renowned for their ability to capture the conceptual and the everyday so well. 

David Hockney: Just Nature [Exhibition Page]
David Hockney and his so-called computer art
David Hockney Shaves, Doodles with his iPhone: Martin Grayford [Bloomberg]
Hockney on why iPhones are the future for art [TimeUK]
Hockney Pictures [Hockney Pictures]

Gefallte Baume in Woldgate-David Hockney-2008
Gefallte Baume in Woldgate (2008) by David Hockney, via Kunsthalle Wuerth


Go see – Bexhill on Sea: Joseph Beuys at the De La Warr Pavilion through September 27, 2009

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Installation view of Joseph Beuys’ works at the De La Warr Pavilion via De La Warr Pavilion

In honor of his inclusion in the Artists Rooms collection (of the Galleries of Scotland and the Tate), one of the most influential German artists, Joseph Beuys, is featured in a new exhibit in East Sussex. The show is comprised of his drawings and paintings, which, when paired with his sculptures, serve to give more dimension to his body of work.  Joseph Beuys’ classic pieces, constructed of found objects and his notable natural material choices of metal, felt and fat, are on view at De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill.  The show will be over September 27, 2009.

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Joseph Beuys at De La Warr Pavilion

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Newslinks for Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Judith Supine
Judith Supine, Above the City in a Summer Night Dream via Wooster Collective

Judith Supine installs his “Above the City in a Summer Night Dream” on top of the Williamsburg Bridge in New York [Wooster Collective]
Ryan McGinley writes on Dash Snow in Vice Magazine
[Vice via Art Fag City]
India’s contemporary art “superstar,” Subodh Gupta, before his first UK solo show at Hauser & Wirth, speaks of his Western influences
[Financial Times]
In related, The Economist discusses the state of Indian Contemporary art with a summary of the International Art Fair in Delhi [Economist]

Y curators as models
Julien Fronsacq (Palais de Tokyo, Paris), Olivier Sailliard (Musée de la Mode et du Textile, Paris),and Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Gallery, London) model for Yohji Yamamoto’s Y, via ArtJetSet

The spring lookbook for Yohji Yamamoto’s Y features curators as models [ArtJetSet]
Gagosian Gallery sues Lufthansa and Art Crate Inc. over the destruction of a 1969 Brice Marden painting worth $3 million
[NY Times]
Russian artist, Presniakov, to sue Hilton heiress for failing to pay $10 million for his artwork [Reuters]
Meanwhile a Moscow dealer sues Luhring Augustine over George Condo paintings
Graffiti charges against Yoshitomo Nara dropped after 6 months of proper behavior [Artforum]
The Norton Simon Museum’s ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ become the center of a legal battle after an heir to the work claims the paintings were looted by the Nazis
[LA Times]

gavin turk brillo 5

Gavin Turk’s ‘Brillo 5′ a bronze sculpture of a cardboard box for sale via Christie’s

Christie’s announces its First Open Sale of Post-War and Contemporary Art, scheduled for September 23rd [Artdaily]
LA art gallery Blum and Poe expands its gallery into a new space launching October 2 in related both Sotheby’s and Christie’s downsize their LA operations [Lindsay Pollock]
Christie’s converts an icon Brooklyn warehouse into a rigorously guarded storage space [The New York Times]
With 372,000 visitors, the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit was the most attended show in the Guggenheim Museum’s history
[NY Times]
In related, Banksy’s guerilla Bristol Museum show reaches over 300,000 visitors [Guardian]

new york minute posters ohwow
Posters for the New York Minute exhibition at Macro in Rome via OHWOW

An interview with Charles Saatchi, who is releasing a book on September 8th detailing his experiences as an art collector [Guardian]
Daniel Richter leads a protest against the demolition of artist studio and gallery space in Hamburg
Moscow International Biennale for Young Art- an ambitious art initiative announces call for applications [Art Daily]
AMR- a new index by analysts for tracking prices aimed solely on post-war art is created [Financial Times]
The Scotsman Steps built in 1899 will become a panel for famous contemporary artist- Martin Creed’s installation [News Scotsman via ArtInfo]
A painting uncovered in Iraq is picked up by the media as a Picasso but is likely inauthentic [ArtMarketMonitor]

Pipilotti Rist
Pipilotti Rist via Panache

The Gucci Group award, previously awarded to artists including Steve McQueen and Julian Schnabel, has announced its 4 nominees, among which is artist Pipilotti Rist [Vogue]
This year’s Frieze Music Presentation will be a performance choreographed by artist Martin Creed [Frieze]
In response to LACMA’s decision to end its long standing weekend film program, two outside organizations step in with $150,000 pledge in an attempt to save it [Los Angeles Times]

Snewville wooden sneakers
Skewville wooden sneakers via C-Monster

The ubiquitous Skewville wooden sneakers have online documentation [Skewville via C-Monster]
The latest V magazine profiles 6 projects presented at the 53d Venice Biennale, including those by
Tauba Auerbach, Aurel Schmidt, Dan Colen and the late Dash Snow [V magazine]
Art exhibitions to see this fall as suggested by New York art critic Jerry Saltz [Artnet]
The values of art related financial indexes increase as the market is possibly recovering [ArtInfo]

Townhouses restored and owned by photographer Annie Leibovitz could potentially cure her $24 million loan obligations to Art Capital Market [Bloomberg]

Nils Folke
Nils Folke installation via Phillips De Pury

Phillips De Pury & Co installs sculptures by Nils Folke in its windows to be viewed from High Line park in New York [Phillips De Pury]
Newly created Arts Editor role at the BBC News is being assumed by Will Gompertz who is the current Director of Tate Media at the Tate [BBC]
This year’s Vanity Fair 100 includes art world figures Bernard Arnault (#10), François-Henri Pinault (#20), Miuccia Prada (#40) and Jean Pigozzi (#74) [Vanity Fair]
Ed Ruscha will receive the Artistic Excellence Award from the National Arts Awards on October 5, 2009 [Americans For The Arts]
The Guardian investigates the art scene in Moscow complete with the listing new exhibition spaces [Guardian]

Go See – Salzburg: Georg Baselitz at Thaddaeus Ropac, through September 19, 2009

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Georg Baselitz Thaddaeus Ropac
George Baselitz, Kulakentrstung via Galerie thaddaeus Ropac

Currently showing at the Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery is an exhibit of Georg Baselitz’s works.  The exhibit takes place in the Salzburg gallery and is comprised of 13 works on canvas, a sculpture and watercolors. Baselitz, although in his 70s, is still a prominent and active figure in the International art scene. One of the most important German artists, Baselitz has caused a stir throughout his career with the politically controversial work he creates. Returning to Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery this year Baselitz shows examples of his art that comment on the fall of political protagonists. The show titled: “Verdunkelung [Collusion] ” is over September 19, 2009.

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George Baselitz: Remix (2008 exhibit at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac) [Artinfo]
George Baselitz (bio) [Gagosian Gallery]

George Baselitz Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
Georg Baselitz, Maler – Maler via Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

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