AO On Site – New York: The Armory Show Summary at Piers 92 & 94, March 8–11, 2012

March 13th, 2012

Gerhard Richter, Abstraktes Bild at Galerie Sho Booth, Pier 92

On the third and final day of the Armory Show 2012 both spirits and sales were high amongst the 228 exhibitors. Besides the notable success of David Zwirner’s solo booth by Michael Riedel, which sold out entirely in the first 30 minutes of the fair, many of the other galleries also benefited from the sales of their high-ticket items throughout the three-day exhibition. Art Observed spoke with representatives from various exhibitors including the Susan Sheehan Gallery, Spanierman Modern, Meredith Ward Fine Art, Art in General, Sprüth Magers, and the Gary Snyder Gallery.
Works by Keith Haring at Pace Prints, Pier 92

The fair was divided between Piers 92 and 94, with Pier 94, the larger of the two spaces, housing the Contemporary art venues, whilst Pier 92 held Modern. Now in its fourteenth edition, a new floor plan was reportedly agreeable to both galleries and visitors, offering a better viewing experience.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Fucking Beautiful at Blain|Southern

Michael Joo, GodsEye 2 at Blain|Southern, Pier 94

The Susan Sheehan Gallery’s station at Pier 92 was print oriented, the first gallery to officially represent Cy Twombly’s lithographs. They sold a set of eight lithographs by the artist titled Natural History Part II, Some Trees of Italy Portfolio, which were produced between the years 1975 and 1976. Onyedika Chuke of the gallery explained that their strategy is to promote and develop a market for the prints of artists who are better known for their work with other mediums. In addition to Twombly, they hope to create a market for Joan Mitchell’s prints. The gallery’s booth also displayed prints produced by other top selling artists including David Hockney, Sol LeWitt, Richard Diebenkorn, and Ellsworth Kelly. Chuke sees the sales that the gallery made in this three-day period as an indication of progress in the art market.

Iván Navarro at Galeria Baró

Installation view at Galeria Baró

Iván Navarro, Dubai Towers at Galerie Daniel Templon, Pier 94

Like Chuke and the Susan Sheehan Gallery, the staff of Meredith Ward Fine Art felt that the overall success of the art fair was palpably high with a lot of new relationships and purchases being made during the final day. A representative for the gallery confirmed that the third day of the exhibition had been successful and added that, “The buyers have been thoughtful.” Similarly, Spanierman Modern, known for their support of the Abstract Expressionists and representing the estates of artists like Burgoyne Diller, James Daugherty, and Stephen Pace, made connections both with old friends and new buyers, leaving the gallery with the expectations of selling more pieces in the coming days.

Installation Shot with Philippe Cognee at Galerie Daniel Templon

Representatives for Art in General and Sprüth Magers shared their excitement over the success their individual venues experienced; both galleries saw an upturn in sales and prospective clients on the last day. Garth Greenan of the Gary Snyder Gallery shared his satisfaction over the amount of hits his venue received from prospective buyers. Two of the venue’s main spectacles were the colorful paintings by color field painter Thomas Downing and pop artist Nicholas Krushenick. Greenan sat at a round table between these two pieces and with a smile affirmed, “We’re really pleased.”

Leandro Erlich, La Vitrina Cloud Collection at Sean Kelly Gallery, Pier 94

Manolo Valdes, Mariposas III at Marlborough Gallery, Pier 92

Delson Uchoa, Carababa at Lucian Brito, Pier 94

Installation with Doug and Mike Starn at HackelBury Fine Art, Pier 92

Piotr Uklanski, Massimo De Carlo

Laura Lancaster at Workplace Gallery

Installation view of Tony Oursler at Galerie Forsblom

Installation view at Ambach & Rice

Installation view at Ambach & Rice

Performance at Overgaden Galleri

Installation view at Alan Koppel Gallery

Performance at Luciano Brito Galeria

Performance at Luciano Brito Galeria

Installation view at Senior and Shopmarker Gallery, Pier 92

Elizabeth Turk, Cage: Box 6, (2012), Hirschl & Adler Modern, Pier 92

Michael Riedel at David Zwirner, Pier 94

Installation view at Chowaiki & Co., Pier 92

Installation view of Hollis Taggart Galleries, Pier 92

Installation view of Pace Gallery booth, Pier 92

Josef Albers, Orange Scent, (1961), Hirschl & Adler Modern, Pier 92

Installation view of Susan Sheehan Gallery, Pier 92

June Leaf, STEPDANCER, (1999-2000), Alan Koppel Gallery, Pier 92

Michael Goldberg, Untitled (1955) at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, Pier 92

Installation view at Spanierman Modern, Pier 92

Installation view at Gary Snyder

Pier 92 Modern Lounge

—R. Willis

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