New York – Jacob Kassay: “IJK” at 303 Gallery Through December 20th, 2013

December 14th, 2013

Jacob Kassay, Untitled (2013), Courtesy 303 Gallery

Now on view at 303 Gallery is the space’s first exhibition of works by Jacob Kassay. Composed entirely of new works, IJK opened on November 1st and will remain on view through December 20, 2013.

Jacob Kassay, Untitled (2013), Courtesy 303 Gallery

The exhibition is comprised of two groups of work recently produced by the artist. One is a series of irregularly shaped paintings applied with a layer of atomized acrylic paint, and the other is a series of glass sculptures designed to be inserted into library books, inspired by the façade of the Beinecke Library at Yale.

Jacob Kassay, Then by Necessity (2013), Courtesy 303 Gallery

The series of paintings originates from a longer process, starting with pieces of discarded textiles Kassay found from paintings “long lost, sold or otherwise disappeared.” With these residuals from unknown works, Kassay decided to invert the conventional process of stretching canvas – that is, he stretches the discarded elements and lets the supports conform to the irregular shapes of the canvas rather than the canvas conforming to a decided structure. The paint he used causes the surface of the work to appear three dimensional, distorting the opacity of the original works. The concept behind this series is that “by-products of process can become blueprints” for other, new and completly different processes.

Jacob Kassay, IJK (Installation View), Courtesy 303 Gallery

Similarly, the glass sculptures are meant to distort the text of library books and turn it into a three-dimensional, aesthetic experience instead of the original academic or dramatic intent of the original content. By eliminating the text’s legibility, the books become foreign objects, less able to communicate in the traditional way, yet perhaps communicate their form more obviously.

Jacob Kassay, IJK (Installation View), Courtesy 303 Gallery

Born in Lewiston New York, Jacob Kassay received his BFA from State University of New York, Buffalo, and he is currently living and working in L.A. Recent solo exhibitions of work by Kassay have been held at The Kitchen in New York; Xavier Hufkens in Brussels; The Powerstation in Dallas; and the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.

IJK will be on view at 303 Gallery, open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am – 6pm, through December 20, 2013.

Jacob Kassay, Airlock (2013), Courtesy 303 Gallery

—E. Baker

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