Performance Artist Ulay to Perform in NYC This May for First Time in 30 Years

March 23rd, 2016

Performance artist Ulay has announced his first performance in New York City in 30 years, breaking his long absence with a performance in Brooklyn this coming May during Frieze Week.  The work, titled Cutting Through the Clouds of Myth, will combine an “intimate happening, an experiential installation, a language of communication, a provoking exploration of dualities, a setting of madness and tranquility, mockery and admiration,” according to curator Mitra Khorasheh.

The former partner and collaborator of Marina Abramovic, Ulay will bring his new work, performed in collaboration with fellow Slovenian artist JAŠA.  The piece will open in early May with a three day performance, and will remain on view through June 1st.  “Ulay and JAŠA have been wanting to do a project together for some time now, I am happy to have the opportunity to work with them both and curate their first collaboration together,“ Khorasheh says.