RIP: Brazilian Artist Tunga Passes Away at the Age of 64

June 7th, 2016

Influential Brazilian artist Tunga has passed away from cancer-related causes this week at the age of 64, Art News reports.  The artist, whose work is held in high regard in Brazil as a pioneer of a unique brand of surrealism that transfers aspects of the human form to strange, towering structures and situations, had seen increased prominence in the United States in recent years, in part through the advocacy of his gallery, Luhring Augustine.  “Tunga was a tremendous force both personally and artistically, and was as firmly rooted in Brazilian aesthetic, cultural, and philosophical traditions as he was in their international counterparts,” Luhring Augustine director Donald Johnson-Montenegro said in a statement. “He was both rigorous and curious in his investigations, and he leaves behind a remarkable legacy through a complex and sensual body of work that is equally distinctive and evocative.”

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