SF Chronicle Gives In-Depth Analysis on Gift of Fisher Collection to SFMoMA

August 22nd, 2016

The SF Chronicle has a piece this week on the conditions for the donation of the Fisher Collection to SFMoMA, noting that the donation of the collection ultimately requires upwards of 60% of the museum’s space to show works from that collection, limiting the space provided for the museum to show other works, or even place works in conversation with the Fisher collection.  . “What Don was offering was, on the one hand, extremely generous … but Don wanted something that I felt we couldn’t offer him … a kind of curatorial control over what got shown,”Director Neal Benezra says.  “I felt that, as generous as this offer was, our integrity would be at risk,” Benezra said, “because the museum really needs to control, from a curatorial point of view, if nothing else, how art is presented in our building.”

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