Cory Arcangel Archives Tony Conrad’s “Music and the Mind of the World” Project

April 6th, 2017

Cory Arcangel commemorates Tony Conrad with the launch of a website dedicated to Music and the Mind of the World, a long-running project Conrad took on that involved recording every encounter the artist had with a piano.  Arcangel has since digitized and uploaded the artist’s recordings to a website where each recording can be browsed and explored.  “Tony once said to me that ‘life is too rich to finish everything,'” Arcangel writes in Art News. For Tony, this was true. Like a smokestack burning off excess fuel—Tony’s former students used to say he had “genius to burn”—he had an army of ideas, some finished, some in progress, some new, some old, all ready to go, on and on, seemingly never ending.

Explore the project here