Curator Adam Szymczyk Interviewed on Documenta 14 in Artforum

April 4th, 2017

Adam Szymczyk, curator for the soon to open Documenta 14, is interviewed in Artforum this month, as he reviews his work for the exhibition, and his views on the current state of world politics and art, framed through the exhibition’s location in Athens.  “The other day I was talking to someone about their first visit to Athens, and they said, ‘What amazed me most was the way the ruins of the Parthenon are actually right in the middle of this huge city, that they’re not on the outskirts—the city’s built around this ruin and this rock.'” he says.  “It’s a massive fragment, a completely broken thing that constitutes a sort of symbolic beginning, on the rock of the Acropolis, around which the city sprawls.”

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