New York Times Spotlights Challenges Over Nazi-Looted Arts and Provenance

May 31st, 2017

The New York Times has a piece on a Michele Marieschi work currently set to go on sale at Sotheby’s following several decades of abortive wrangling over the work’s provenance and history as potential Nazi-loot.  “Our preferred solution would have been to get the painting back for my parents-in-law during their lifetime, or failing that, to their heirs,” says Stephen Tauber, who worked to secure the work’s return to his family but settled for a portion of the work’s proceeds at auction. “We brokered a compromise, which we signed. It is not really satisfactory, but it is acceptable. It was the best that we could achieve. Ideally, it would have been returned in total to our family. That wasn’t possible, so we settled for what we could get.”

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