Alexander Calder’s “Activators” at Whitney Show Profiled in NYY

June 29th, 2017

Alexander Calder, Black Lace (1947), via Sotheby'sThe New York Times profiles The Whitney Museum’s new Alexander Calder exhibition, and the logistics behind getting the artist’s moving sculptures and mobiles properly activated.  The museum is currently employing its art handling team to occasionally step out from behind the scenes to set the works in motion. “You’re actually holding something that has this almost spiritual quality to it,” says Tom Kotik, one of the workers charged with moving the pieces. “It does have this playful side to it, but then again, you think about it in terms of the cold and the snow, and there’s almost a — I wouldn’t say grittiness, because snow is not gritty — but there’s a yin and a yang.”

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