NYT Runs Piece on Artists’ Vision for a Stronger Met Musuem

July 17th, 2017

The New York Times has a lengthy piece this week asking various artists, musicians and celebrities what they’d like to see from a rehabilitated and financially strong Met Museum, with a number of imaginative and unique answers and solutions to the museum’s financial and leadership woes.  “I was at a talk where a prominent museum director was asked by a colleague, What was the most important lesson he had learned while on the job? His response was ‘I learned to listen to artists,'” says Glenn Ligon“One thing the new director needs to do is make the galleries in the Met places where artists actually want to show their work. They need to make proper galleries to show their contemporary collection. And if they don’t change the galleries right away, they need to at least rotate the collection once in a while so it doesn’t feel like it is a storage area that someone left the door open to.”

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