Charlotte Prodger Wins 2018 Turner Prize

December 5th, 2018

Charlotte Prodger, via Independent
Charlotte Prodger, via Independent

The 2018 Turner Prize winner is artist Charlotte Prodger, taking home the £25,000 prize for her essayistic video work, drawng from her show at Bergen Kunsthalle in Norway. The artist, who shoots entirely on an iPhone, beat out Luke Willis Thompson and the collective Forensic Architecture to win the prize, capping off a prizer run that was marked by outcry and protest over the nominees and their work.

Charlotte Prodger, via Art News
Charlotte Prodger, via Art News

Prodger’s work earned particular attention for her work Bridgit, which drew heavily on the artist’s iPhone video techniques to explore landscapes and bodies in a state of constant encounter. “It is through choice that I use the phone, because for me the way that I film is quite sketchbook-y, like I’m just filming as I go about my daily life,” she says of her practice. The piece turns towards both banal objects and art works in an extended meditation on their presence in the modern world, while the artist explores her work here in the context of fluidities of identity from a queer perspective; an exploration of the intertwining of landscape, body, technology and time.

Charlotte Prodger, Bridgit
Charlotte Prodger, Bridgit (2016)

Alex Farquharson, director of Tate Britain, noted the work as “incredibly impressive in the way that it dealt with lived experience, the formation of a sense of self through disparate references. It ends up being so unexpectedly expansive. This is not what we expect from video clips shot on iPhones. I think the jury was united in a feeling that this work was introducing something new to the filmic medium and how it is used in art.”

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