C. to C.: Friendship in a musical portrait

November 6th, 2007
Chuck Close and Phillip Glass via ViewImages

C. to C. (Close to Chuck), a new piece added the repertoire by the American Ballet Theatre this season, is a “musical portrait” celebrating the 40-year friendship between iconic American artist Chuck Close and composer Phillip Glass. Choreographed by Jorma Elo, the piece involved only six dancers and had week-long run, beginning October 27th and ending November 4th.

Portrait of Glass from 1977

Close has created more portraits of Phillip Glass than any other subject, especially from an iconic photograph that has immortalized Glass’ 1970’s image into contemporary art history.

The ballet was created in two parts: the first portrays a review of Close in the 1960’s, and the second describes the experienced, mature artist.

If you missed the performances, you can view photos from the rehearsals here:

Inside 890: “Close to Chuck” Craig and Jackie Part One [The Winger]
Inside 890: “Close to Chuck” [The Winger]