GO SEE: ARTISTS ANONYMOUS at Haunch of Venison, Zurich, January 25 – March 1

January 31st, 2008

Artists Anonymous from “Virus” via Artists Anonymous

Artists Anonymous a group of artists from London and Berlin are currently exhibiting the final installment of their “Apocolyptic Warriors” series at Haunch of Venison in Zurich. Each multimedia exhibition includes painting, sculpture, photography, video and print.


Artists Anonymous “Drugs I” via Artists Anonymous

Working as a collective, each installment deals with a specific “Warrior” within an anti-superhero construction. This final exhibition centers on the idea of the “Virus,” as the previous shows have had Warriors representing Death, Pollution, Hunger, Drugs and Overpopulation. Through these interactive installations the artists hope to unpack these problematic terms that are prevalent in modern society.

Artists Anonymous [Haunch of Venison]
Artists Anonymous [Artists Anonymous]
Artists Anonymous: Virus/ Haunch of Venison Video  [Vernissage TV]