January 30th, 2008

Maurizio Cattelan via C-Monster

Maurizio Cattelan’s latest exhibition will be on view at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria, from February 2 until March 24. Cattelan, a highly original and controversial conceptual artist, settled in New York in 1993, but has lived and worked both in New York and Italy.

Maurizio Cattelan via Yatzer

This exhibition represents the first time Cattelan has allowed for a total architectural installation to be part of his work. Images of death are pervasive throughout the current exhibition as Cattelan transforms the building into a burial chamber with three new works on view specially created for this exhibition.

Maurizio Cattelan is a nortorious art world prankster. His works including a life size statue of the Pope being hit by a meteor (La Nona Ora The Ninth Hour, 1999), a prime example of the humor, wit and satire that define his style. He was most notably part of the curatorial team behind the Wrong Gallery, a doorway leading to nowhere in Cheslea, New York.

As usual, Cattelan remains elusive, never giving direct interviews and revealing little else about the current show. He does explain that he wants his work to be located somewhere between “softness and perversity,” he says: “It should be tender, comforting and seductive and yet corrupted, twisted and consumed.”

Maurizio Cattelan at Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria [Yatzer]
Kunsthaus Bregenz
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