AO On Site: Anthony Titus Opening at Museum52

January 13th, 2008

Anthony Titus

Last night Anthony Titus’s first solo exhibition “The Light in the Window is a Crack in the Sky” opened at Museum52 in New York. Titus, who attended Cooper Union for Architecture and received his MFA from the University of Chicago, works in a variety of mediums.

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In this show Titus uses as a starting point the old PBS TV program “The Joy of Painting” starring Bob Ross, where a landscape is completed in each thirty minute episode. Titus created two paintings according to Ross’s instructions and here desconstructs those images using screenprinting, painting, collage and steel and mixed media sculpture in an exploration of abstract geometry, nature, and time.

Museum52, originally based in London, recently expanded with the opening of a three-level gallery space on Rivington Street, in the former location of Participant, Inc. Several galleries have opened on Rivington Street in the last few years and with their opening receptions now co-ordinated for the same night, yet on a different night from those in Chelsea, the street has become a destination for crowds hopping from gallery to gallery and later from after party to after party in the same neighborhood.

Titus’s show attracted many of New York’s prominent emerging artists. Anthony Titus’s exhibition runs through February 16.

Anthony Titus Untitled 2008 via Museum52

Artists Anya Kielar and Yuri Masnyj


Artist David Brooks and Artist and
Guild & Greyshkul co-founder Johannes Van Der Beek


Valerie Hegarty, Rudy Shepherd, Kirsten Stoltmann and Amanda Ross-Ho

Artist Erin Krause

Museum52 co-founder Matthew Dipple and Stylist, Tina Chai

Anthony Titus

Anthony Titus Untitled (Fields 1) 2008 via Museum52

Anthony Titus Extended Field 10 2008 via Museum52

Anthony Titus Untitled 2008 viaMuseum52

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