AO ON SITE: Jeff Wall at Marian Goodman Gallery February 23 – March 22

February 25th, 2008

Jeff Wall Opening at Marian Goodman Gallery

On February 23 Jeff Wall’s solo show at Marian Goodman Gallery New York opened. Jeff Wall’s work explores contradictory modes of image making. Elaborately staged compositions are exhibited along side images that are purely documentary in nature. Wall’s ability to create engaging compositions is matched by his uncanny ability to extract them.

Jeff Wall [Jeff Wall]
Marian Goodman Gallery [Marian Goodman Gallery]
Jeff Wall exhibition at MoMA [MoMA]
Jeff Wall work at Deutsche Guggenheim [Guggenheim]

Jeff Wall ” Men Waiting” via Guggenheim

The show consists of eight new large-scale photographs, six of them being black-and-white and the other two color prints mounted on light boxes. Jeff Wall’s technique of mounting images on light boxes is drawn from illuminated adverts typical of bus stops. However, the focus of this show is the black-and-white images, four of which were recently on view at the Deutsche Guggenheim. In 2007, The Museum of Modern Art organized a large retrospective of Jeff Wall’s work.
The exhibition will be on view through March 22 at Marian Goodman Gallery located at 24 West 57th Street New York, NY.

Michael Newman editor of “Jeff Wall: Works and Collected Writings”, Lawrence Lesman, and Michael Kahn

Photographer Hugo Montoya and Christine Lee

Esther Levine and Victor Sira

Mackenzie Schneider, Marian Goodman Gallery Director Rose Lord, and Bram Bots