Two Picasso Paintings stolen from the Seedamm-Kulturzentrum in Switzerland

February 8th, 2008

“The Tete de cheva” (Horse Head) Picasso via Daily Mail

Two Pablo Picasso paintings were stolen from an exhibition on Wednesday in a Zurich Museum. Police say that the burglars may have locked themselves into the building before the museum had closed for the night. The culprits broke into the Seedamm-Kulturzentrum cultural center and are thought to have escaped in the middle of the night. In a press conference on Thursday morning, the lead detective announced the case was still under investigation.

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“The Verre et pichet” (Glass Pitcher), Picasso via Daily Mail

“Tete de cheval” (“Head of horse”) and Verre et pichet (“Glass and pitcher”) were on loan from the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, Germany. The total worth of the paintings has been reported to be estimated to be $55.5 million. A reward is being offered for the paintings return.