Guggenheim Hermitage in Las Vegas will close next month

April 25th, 2008

The Hermitage Guggenheim museum in Vegas via Las Vegas Sun

The Hermitage Guggenheim Museum, a scion of the New York-based Guggenheim Museum and the St. Petersburg-based State Hermitage Museum, will close next month. The gallery space, designed by Rem Koolhaas, was based in the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and was met with some success when it opened.

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Interior of Guggenheim Hermitage Museum via Guggenheim Hermitage Museum

The last exhibition featured will be “Modern Masters from the Guggenheim Collection” until May 11.
“Our intention,” said Dr. Piotrovsky, Director of The State Hermitage Museum, “has been to use our permanent collections to create a unique cultural experience.” The statements made from the museum officials however following the announcement has been that The Guggenheim Hermitage Las Vegas was not necessarily intended to be a permanent museum. The Guggenheim operates museums in cities including New York, Venice, Berlin and Bilbao, Spain, and is building a new museum in Abu Dhabi set to open by 2013.