PaceWildenstein Gallery opening in Beijing

April 30th, 2008

Peter Boris and Arne Glimcher of PaceWildenstein, Richard Gluckman and Leng Lin via the New York Times

The New York based gallery PaceWildenstein will open a new space in Beijing this summer. There are soft openings in May but the main opening is scheduled to correspond with the summer Olympics.

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PaceWildenstein gallery

The future PaceWildenstein gallery based in Beijing via the New York Times

“Beijing is a crossroads” for Taiwan and Hong Kong, said Arne Glimcher, the chairman of PaceWildenstein. “Shows there sell out to other parts of Asia.” Mr Glimcher recognizes the importance of the Asian demand for art. Sotheby’s also took advantage of the Asian buying appetite in its recent series of spring auctions in Hong Kong which cumulated a total of $227 million, the company’s highest total in Hong Kong.

However, PaceWildenstein won’t be the first gallery to open in their specific district of Beijing. PaceWildenstein’s director said that already 200 galleries are settled there. The gallery district in Beijing is reportedly 10 times bigger than the Chelsea gallery district in New York.

PaceWildenstein future gallery in Beijing via the New York Times

The architect of the new gallery is Richard Gluckman, a New York based architect who designed the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the expansion of the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego as well as many galleries in Chelsea such as Mary Boone Gallery among others. PaceWildenstein in Beijing will feature four to six exhibitions a year, focusing on Chinese art.