Discovered Possible $100M Van Gogh Painting May Be His Last

May 21st, 2008

Vincent Van Gogh, Dr Paul Gachet (2nd Version) (1890) via Guardian UK

The painting in question was stashed in an Athens bank vault along with a sketchbook, which may be the last work of Vincent van Gogh.  The painting is a portrait of his physician, Dr. Gachet.  Doretta Peppa, claims her father “liberated” it from the Nazis during the war. 

Is the Van Gogh ‘find’ too Good to be True? [Guardian UK]
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Her father was “Meletis,” a WWII resistance fighter.   She believes the authenticity of the work comes from the Nazi stamp and code on the back of the painting.  Experts and collectors are still debating the authenticity of the painting.  In a market full of forgeries, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has already discredited the notebook.  Some experts have valued the work at $100 million, if in fact it is authentic.