Don’t Miss: Rudolf Stingel at Paula Cooper 23rd Street, NY through June 7

May 31st, 2008

Instructions (1989) via Saatchi

Paula Cooper Gallery is currently showing works on paper by Rudolf Stingel, in the recently opened 23rd Street space. Back in 1989, Stingel published a manual giving instructions for how to make knockoffs of his work; here Stingel paints directly onto those black-and-white instruction photos. He also follows his own directions and applies white onto white producing abstract patterns. The exhibition will be open through June 7th.

Rudolf Stingel [Paula Cooper Gallery]
Rudolf Stingel [ArtCal]

Untitled (1989) via Paula Cooper

Stingel is known for his smart blend of conceptual art and minimalism paired with an elegant sensibility and a deft hand as a painter, and for inviting audiences to interact with his work. The abstract works on paper in this show use a brocade pattern made from a silkscreen tapestry transferred onto paper, in shimmering white and silver tones.

Instructions (1989) via Paula Cooper