GO SEE: Nigel Cooke at Stuart Shave, London, April 24- May 24

May 13th, 2008

Nigel Cooke, Fun (2005-2006) via Stuart Shave/Modern Art

Stuart Shave/Modern Art in London’s East End recently opened a new space in the West End, on Eastcastle Street. Its inaugural show is an exhibit of new paintings by the artist Nigel Cooke. It runs from April 24 – May 24.

Stuart Shave/Modern Art
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British born painter and sculptor, Cooke works on large scale creations.  His works often depict a desolate, bleak, urban subject matter, such as building ruins, wrecked cars and other pieces of debris, while others are versatile such as his romantic landscapes.

Nigel Cooke, Morning is Broken (2004) via Stuart Shave/Modern Art

Cooke is showing 15 of his works at the opening. His works are more detailed and contain a narrative aspect. All 15 of his works were sold on its opening day, April 24, prices ranging from £5,000 pounds ($48,831) to £115,000 pounds.  The Tate Gallery is one of the buyers mentioned.


Nigel Cooke, The Philosopher (detail) (2005) via Stuart Shave/ModernArt