Street art to adorn the Tate Modern in London, May 23 – August 25

May 19th, 2008

Image via Overspray

This Friday, London’s Tate Modern will open an exhibition of six internationally recognized street artists. The show is the first major museum exhibition in London to display the work of street artists and it will use the riverside exterior façade of the Tate to display their work.  After the success of last weekend’s Banksy-organized Cans Festival, and with the current popularity of street art in London, the exhibition is expected to be well-received.

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The six artists will include Blu from Bologna; Nunca and Os Gemeos both from Sao Paulo, Brazil; Faile from New York; Sixeart from Barcelona and JR from Paris. The artists will each have an area of about 40 or 50 feet to use as their canvases.

Street Art via Digital Arts

The exhibition will open alongside the museum’s four day festival of art and performance called The Long Weekend, and will include events such as the New York-based Graffiti Research Lab projecting graffiti lights onto the museum. With the original intention of street art being an attempt at bridging a gap between public and private art, the museum hopes its exterior walls will be an ideal environment for this fusion to take place.

Nunca’s art work
via coolhunting