Don’t Miss: Richard Diebenkorn at Van Doren Gallery, NY through June 27

June 24th, 2008

Untitled 1992 via Greenberg Van Doren Gallery

Through June 27th, Greenberg Van Doren Gallery in New York is showing the works of Richard Diebenkorn in a solo exhibition  entitled “Ocean Park Monotypes & Drawings”. The title of the exhibition refers to the area of Ocean Park in Santa Monica, California where he worked and was highly influenced by his surrounding landscapes.  He began the  “Ocean Park” series of over 140 paintings and drawings in 1967, which later became some of his best known works. The exhibition includes his paintings, works on paper, and edition prints.

Richard Diebenkorn [Greenberg Van Doren Gallery]
Richard Diebenkorn, “Ocean Park Monotypes & Drawings.” [Time out]

IV 1988 via Greenberg Van Doren Gallery

The exhibition also includes different types of works, such as black and white monotypes, a set of colour monotypes from 1988, and a group of paintings on paper.

The artist was born in Portland.  In 1940, Diebenkorn enrolled in Stanford University and after graduating worked in such diverse locations as New York City, Woodstock, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Urbana, Illinois, and Berkeley, but he is known mainly as a West coast artist.  During this period, the artist developed is own style of abstract painting.  Diebenkorn remains one of the most significant of the abstract expressionists.

Untitled 1971 via Greenberg Van Doren Gallery