Go See: Jake and Dinos Chapman “Little Death Machines” at L&M Gallery, NY, through June 14

June 4th, 2008

Chapman Brothers, Details from Sex I (2003) via L and M gallery

From May 9 – June 14, the L&M Gallery, in New York, presents the works of Jake and Dinos Chapman, titled “Little Death Machines.” This is the British brothers’ first solo show in New York since 1997. The brothers continue their theme of the anatomically and pornographically grotesque, with the juxtaposition of horror and dark humor.

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Chapman Brothers, Little Death Machine (Castrated) (1993) via BBC

This exhibit contains sculptures made from hammer, pulleys, nails, motors, and other hardware, mixed together with sex toys. The human parts mixed into the exhibit are dead victims while the machines appear to be alive on their own. The sculptures have been cast in bronze, which have been colored with a shiny gloss paint, to appear realistic.

Chapman Brothers, Fuck Face (1994) via White Cube