AO Auction Newslink Roundup: the closing word on the London Sales

July 8th, 2008

Panel from Francis Bacon’s triptych “Three Studies for Self-Portrait,” which Christie’s sold for £17.28M via IHT

Below is just a roundup of some post-auction articles that give a good summary of all that generally occurred in last week’s London auctions from all the major houses. These articles were published after AO completed its summaries of those auctions.

Auction Houses Test Market With Record Contemporary-Art Sales [Bloomberg]
AUCTIONS: Prices continue to soar as a Bacon earns £17.28 million at Christie’s sales [TheArtsNewspaper]
Prices Continue to Soar
[International Herald Tribune]
Contemporary Art Defies Doomsayers [Financial Times]
Investors Turn to Art; Sales Make Record $1.1 Billion [Bloomberg]
AO Auction Results: Christie’s Post-War & Contemporary Art, London, June 30 [AO]
AO Auction Results: Phillip’s London Contemporary Art Auctions, June 30 [AO]
AO Auction Results: Sotheby’s Masterpieces of Contemporary Art, July 1, London [AO]