A death metal pig roast at Matthew Barney’s studio

August 20th, 2008

Blood Moon Ausar performing at Matthew Barney’s party via Super Touch

Last Saturday, infamous artist Matthew Barney held an out of the ordinary party at his studio in Queens, NY. His party featured free performances by death metal bands such as Inquisition, Dagon, Krallice, Copremeis, and S.M.E.S, expressing the artist’s passion for black metal. To add to the provoking ambiance, several Hawaiian style pigs on skewers, hand roasted and carved by Barney himself, served the hungry guests.

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View more pictures from the event by Jae Saam Trio on Flickr

Image via Marshallastor

Matthew Barney (center) via Super Touch

Image via Super Touch

The pig roast via Cremaster Fanatic

Image via Super Touch