Go See: Antony Gormley, Between You and Me, at Kunsthal Rotterdam through September 10

August 18th, 2008

Critical Mass II, “Between Me and You”, Antony Gormley (1995) via Artdaily

Kunsthal Rotterdam presents a touring solo exhibition for the work of Antony Gormley. The exhibition, called ‘Between Me and You’, is shown in accordance with a citywide installation, ‘Event Horizon’, which consists of 21 molds of the artist’s body distributed across 15 Rotterdam rooftops throughout the city. ‘Between Me and You’ stays with the theme of the human being, and also marks the purchase of a permanent installation Another Time II, to be put in on the park side of the Kunstal Rotterdam. The touring show, ‘Between Me and You’ will stay at Kunsthal Rotterdam until September 14, and will stop at the Musee d’Art Moderne St Etienne in France from October 11 to January 25, and will then be at the Artium Museum in Spain from March 18 to September 13, 2009.

Antony Gormley at Rotterdam Kunsthal [Kunsthal]
Antony Gormley at Kunsthal Rotterdam [White Box]
Kunsthal Presents Exhibition Devoted to Antony Gormley [Artdaily]

Allotment II, “Between Me and You”, Antony Gormley (1996) via Artbbq

Both ‘Event Horizon’ and ‘Between Me and You’ deal with the human presence; the latter consists of large installations such as, Allotment II which is made up of 300 concrete, human-sized structures, and Critical Mass II which is comprised of 60 cast-iron molds of Gormley’s body piled on the ground and suspended from the ceiling and walls. Antony Gormley often uses molds of his own body cast in iron.

“Between Me and You”, Antony Gormley via Flickr-de buurman

Antony Gormley has recently been selected for the Fourth Plinth commission in Trafalgar Square, which AO covered previously. Gormley proposed One and Other, which is that the Fourth Plinth be occupied for 100 days, 24 hours a day, by volunteers who stand on the plinth for an hour at a time. Over the 100 days, 2,400 people will be ‘exhibited’ in Trafalgar Square.

Quantum Cloud XLI, “Between Me and You”, Antony Gormley via Flickr-de buurman

“Between Me and You”, Antony Gormley via Flickr-de buurman

“Event Horizon”, Antony Gormley via Artofthestate