Go See: Jake and Dinos Chapman "My Giant Colouring Book" at Campbell Works, London through September 14

August 29th, 2008

From My Giant Colouring Book, Jake and Dinos Chapman via Metro

Campbell Works in London is showing the touring exhibition, My Giant Colouring Book, by artists Jake and Dinos Chapman. The exhibition was developed by the Hayward Gallery and the Arts Council England, and will be at Campbell Works until September 14th. The 19 out of 21 of the work included in the exhibition are loosely based on images and dot formations from children’s connect-the-dots coloring books. The Chapman brothers, who were nominated for the Turner Prize a few years back, have also reworked the gallery space and made the ceiling just under 6 feet off the ground for added effect to the exhibition.

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From My Giant Colouring Book, Jake and Dinos Chapman via Campbell Works

The Chapman brother’s are known for ‘defacing’ or reworking other artist’s work and making it their own. For example, they purchased original Goya prints in 2003 and drew cartoon faces on them. Also, earlier this summer, at their show at London’s White Cube, the Chapman’s added colorful rainbows all over original watercolor paintings made by Hitler.

From My Giant Colouring Book, Jake and Dinos Chapman via BBC

Another part of the show incorporates the collaboration of local school children. The selected kids, aged 9 to 16 years have been asked to rework the art of the Chapman brothers. The new twice-reworked paintings will also be on display at the gallery.

“We hope to end up with a body of work where it’s not necessarily clear whose hand has created which bits,” Gallery owner Neil Taylor explains. “People claim images as their own, and we want to explore that.”

From My Giant Colouring Book, Jake and Dinos Chapman via BBC



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