Three story Banksy mural up at Grand and Wooster in Soho, New York

September 29th, 2008

Banksy mural at Wooster and Grand St, via The World’s Best Ever

A three story high rat wearing an I Heart New York t-shirt, caught red handed drawing another rat, was erected on Saturday near the intersection of Wooster and Grand Streets in SoHo. Unmistakably done in Banksy’s signature style, the mural was actually painted by Colossal Media, a professional firm, and not the artist himself. The mural was comissioned, although its not exactly clear by whom. There is also speculation that Banksy himself may have been near the site of the mural as it was going up, or at least may have been in the city for the Lazarides Gallery’s Outsiders show on Bowery, which AO recently recently covered On Site.

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Banksy mural going up right now in SoHo