Go See – Cologne: Christopher Wool’s ‘Porto – Köln’ at Museum Ludwig through July 12, 2009

May 29th, 2009

‘Untitled’ by Christopher Wool via Museum Ludwig

Christopher Wool won the Wolfgang Hahn Prize Cologne 2009.  As part of the prize, Wool has a solo exhibition at the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst am Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, which has also acquired two silkscreen prints by Wool.  Wool is interested primarily in abstract painting, with ‘Porto-Köln’ focusing mainly on a number of large abstract canvases and silkscreen prints.

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Christopher Wool
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Video of the opening reception for Christopher Wool’s ‘Porto – Köln’ via VernissageTV

Wool’s large paintings are created by spraying thin lines of paint and then immediately rubbing them out with solvent, creating a palimpsest for new, overlaying lines. The bulk of Wool’s oeuvre uses a constrained palette, and this show is no different.  Much of the work is simply black-and-white, with a few silkscreens done in red.

‘Untitled’ by Christopher Wool via Museum Ludwig

Other work includes paintings and silkscreens of repeated patterns that are decorative but spare. Wool has also done a large number of text paintings and prints, large black stenciled letters on a white background spelling out phrases such as ‘fuckem if they can’t take a joke,’ a work featured prominently in publisher Peter Brant’s collection, and ‘cats in the bag,’ often with words running together and cut off at the end of the line indiscriminately. A painting with the word ‘comedian’ sold for $1.8 million at Sotheby’s spring auction this year, setting a new record for artist.

‘Untitled’ by Christopher Wool via Museum Ludwig

‘Porto – Köln,’Christopher Wool’s exhibition in honor of the Wolfgang Hahn Prize Cologne 2009 opened at Museum Ludwig on April 21, 2009 and runs until July 12, 2009.

‘Untitled’ by Christopher Wool via Museum Ludwig

Installation view of Christopher Wool’s ‘Porto – Köln’ via Museum Ludwig

‘Untitled’ by Christopher Wool via Museum Ludwig

‘Untitled’ by Christopher Wool via Museum Ludwig