Don't Miss – Brussels: Luc Tuymans 'Against the Day' at Wiels Contemporary Art Center through August 2, 2008

July 24th, 2009

Against the Day 2, Luc Tuymans, Wiels
Luc Tuymans, “Against the Day I,” courtesy of Wiels, which is hosting a show by the artist.

The Wiels Contemporary Art Center is now hosting Luc Tuymans’s first solo show in Brussels.  “Against the Day” features twenty new paintings, completed specifically for the show.  This is the culmination of a triptych which began with “Les Revenants,” a series about the Jesuit order, and “Forever. The Management of Magic,” about Disney and its influence mass media.  After its close at Wiels, the exhibition will travel to Rooseum-Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

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Against the Day II, luc tymans, wiels
Luc Tuymans, “Against the Day II,” courtesy of the gallery.

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The show continues Tuymans’s look at reality shows, which figure prominently in his work.  Tuymans paints from preexisting images, so that many of the works on exhibition are reexaminations of video stills from television shows.  “Big Brother” (2008) is one such example, based on the popular show by that name.  Tuymans has also worked as a filmmaker, and his cinematographic eye betrays itself in the many close-ups which people the exhibition, not the least of which are “Hair” and “Neck” (both 2009).   Tuymans calls his work “authentic forgeries,” claiming that forgeries are authentic, because there is no original image.  Images, he believes, are based off of each other.

Hair, Luc Tymans, Against the Day, Wiels
Luc Tuymans, “Hair,” at Wiels.

Neck, Luc Tuymans, Against the Day, Wiels
Luc Tuymans, “Neck,” at Wiels.

Luc Tuymans, Big Brother, Against the Day, Wiels
Luc Tuymans, “Big Brother,” courtesy of the gallery.

Foundations, Luc Tuymans, Against the Day, Wiels
Luc Tuymans, “Foundations,” at Wiels.

Luc Tuymans was born in Antwerp in 1958, and began his study of fine art in 1976.  He has worked both as a painter and self-taught filmmaker, and his work is held permanently by New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the National Museum of Modern Art Georges Pompidou Centre Paris. He has had solo exhibitions at Tate Modern; Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp; Musée d’art moderne et contemporaine, Genève; David Zwirner Gallery, New York; Helsinki Kunsthalle; White Cube, London; and more. In 2010, Chicago’s Museum of Modern Art, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will all host solo shows by the artist.

Reflections, Luc Tuymans, Against the Day, Wiels
Luc Tuymans, “Instant,” at Wiels.

Luc Tuymans, Map, Against the Day, Wiels
Luc Tuymans, “Map,” at Wiels. Via Artdaily.

Luc Tuymans, Against the Day, Wiels. Sniper
Luc Tuymans, “Sniper,” courtesy of the gallery.

Tits, luc tuymans, against the day, wiels

Luc Tuymans, “Tits,” courtesy of the gallery.

Luc Tuymans
An image of the artist, via Wall Street Journal.

- R. Fogel

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