Go See – Cologne, Germany: Sigmar Polke 'THE EDITIONS' at Museum Ludwig through September 27, 2009

August 27th, 2009

From the Sigmar Polke show, “The Editions,” at  Museum Ludwig.

Through September 27, Cologne will be home to the humor, irreverence, painstaking technique and meticulous renderings of Sigmar Polke’s “Editions.”  Museum Ludwig is showing an exhibition of the collection, donated in large part by Cologne collectors Ulrich Reininghaus and Anna Friebe-Reininghaus in 2008.  Curated by Julia Friedrich, the show also includes rare prints and re-workings.

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Sigmar Polke’s “Ohne Titel [Griffelkunst],” part of “The Editions,” at Museum Ludwig.

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The show follows “Editions” through the forty years during which it evolved.   Since 1963, Polke has numbered the works, experimented in offset printing and manipulated the photographs which serve as bases for his finished editions.  He photographs street scenes, architecture, himself, and more — and then rips the photograph away from its subject in the darkroom, exercising upon it every operation and then some. Overprinting, enlarging, deliberate discoloration and exposure hiccups, create finally a collection of curiosities.  Polke’s figures are deformed, his shadowing at many points unpredictable.  The subject is changed in the artist’s rendering.

Sigmar Polke, “Kölner Bettler I,” at Museum Ludwig.

Sigmar Polke, “Mu nieitnam netorruprup,” at Museum Ludwig.

Sigmar Polke, “8 Zollstocksterne,” at Museum Ludwig.

Born in East Germany in 1941, Sigmar Polke studied art at Düsseldorf’s Staatliche Kunstakademie.  He first became well-known at about 1963, when, together with Gerhard Richter, he helped pioneer Capitalist Realism.  Since then, he has had solo shows at galleries around the world, including New York’s Michael Werner Gallery; Düsseldorf’s Galerie Schönewald und Beuse; Patrick Painter Inc., Santa Monica; Springer & Winckler Galerie , Berlin; Art & Public, Geneva; Galerie Karl Pfefferie, Munich; Tate Modern, London; Budapest’s Museum of Contemporary Art; Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, and more.

Sigmar Polke, “Experiment III,” at Museum Ludwig.

Sigmar Polke, “Eisberg,” at Museum Ludwig.

Sigmar Polke, “Fernsehbild (Kicker),” at Museum Ludwig.

- R. Fogel

First natural hair show a galaxy of fashion, coiffures, trends,

New York Amsterdam News March 12, 1994 | William A. Tatum William A. Tatum New York Amsterdam News 03-12-1994 First natural hair show a galaxy of fashion, coiffures, trends,. businesses

The International Braiders Network (IBN), a nonprofit organization of cultural hair care professionals, will present the nation’s first Natural Hair Care Conference in New York City this spring.

The conference will be held at the Hotel Pennsylvania, located at 401 Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street, in New York City. The conference dates are March 19, 20 and 21, featuring registration and events from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. each day.

The conference sponsors and planners, IBN, will highlight the artistic and cultural traditions of Black hair care, while addressing political issues associated with the controversial New York State license requirement for cultural hair stylists who specialize in grooming African textured hair.

A cultural explosion indeed, this conference will be the first to feature some of the world’s most creative cosmetology trends, hair designs and designer clothing, created to satisfy the popular Afrocentric fashion demands. site natural hair blogs

Educational sessions will present workshops targeted to beauticians and professional hair care stylist, salon management, and cultural lectures on the topics of African tradition and innovative styling and hair grooming techniques.

A fashion extravaganza featuring models displaying wearable art, which include hair styles, accessories and designer fashions, will entertain the conference attendees.

An historical monument, the New York State Board of Cosmetology’s requirement to license the profession of natural hair care will be addressed during an open lecture to hair braiders, locktitians, hair cutters and stylists at the conference. Members of the IBN have served on the state’s cosmetology board as consultants to this issue, and they are prepared to present valuable information to the industry’s professionals concerning how this legislation expects to affect their business activity.

The conference lecture is expected to dispel some of the tension surrounding the controversy of the new law, while other conference programs will support the interests of beauty practitioners looking to satisfy the growing demand for African cultural hair styles. in our site natural hair blogs

The conference is open to anyone seeking to learn more about the growing profession of natural hair care.

Conference registration began Feb. 1, and will continue until the conference date on March 19.

For additional information call the International Braiders Network at (718) 875-3811.

Ethnic NewsWatch SoftLine Information, Inc., Stamford, CT William A. Tatum