Don’t Miss – New York: “Don’t Panic: I am Selling my Collection” Featuring works by Richard Prince, Nobuyoshi Araki, Hope Atherton, George Condo, Barnaby Furnas, Mr., Ryan McGinness, Marilyn Minter, Takashi Murakami, Elizabeth Peyton, David Salle and more at Rental, through August 8, 2009

August 7th, 2009

Mirror, Hope Atherton via Rental

Leading art collectors provide works from their collections to a show organized by Claire Distenfeld- a 23 year old curator who came up with the concept of selling works that are “not masterpieces” yet are by contemporary artists with well-established names. The idea was realized quickly, within a few weeks, through Claire’s personal extensive network. Works by artists like Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, Elizabeth Peyton, Barnaby Furnas, Jack Goldstein, Ingrid Calame, George Condo, John Wesley, Richard Prince, Mr., Marilyn Minter, Marnie Weber, David Salle, Nobuyoshi Araki, Hope Atherton, and Ryan McGuinness are on show through August, 8.

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Untitled, George Condo at Rental via Art News

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Chines Shan-Shui Tattoo Series, No 1, Huang Yan via Rental

The names of four individual collectors who have drawn works from their collections for the exhibit, are not revealed, for they chose to stay anonymous. Young curator Claire Distenfeld comments on the decision: “We are withholding information from the viewer. But do not panic, focus on why the piece is here.” Claire Distenfeld has written the press release for the show that is somewhat reminiscent of a manifesto.  It is not the kind of a press release one expects when works of artists like Warhol, Murakami or Peyton are exhibited. Works at Rental are priced to sell, and although the prices vary from four to six figures, they are consistent in being a bargain.

I know a guy, Richard Prince via Rental

Please note that although the Rental gallery site says that the show is to run through August 15 , we have received a clarification from the gallery stating that the show will run through August 8.

Twins, Marilyn Minter via Rental

Nobuyoshi Araki via Rental

Woman 5, John Wesley via Rental

Ludwig II caresses Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth Peyton via Rental

Committee, Andy Warhol via Rental

La Famille Tempete, Mr. Via Rental