Newslinks for Tuesday August 11, 2009

August 11th, 2009

Portrait of Pastor Swalmius, Rembrandt via BBC

Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp restores the “Portrait of Pastor Swalmius” and discovers it is Rembrandt’s creation, as such, the value of the work increases from $1.4 million to $28 million [BBC]
Russian Minister of Culture, looking for $100m to fund the development of a museum of contemporary art in Moscow, turns both to governmental support and private investors
[Art Info]
The destruction in fire of Peggy Cafritz’ Collection mourned not only by her, but also by museums and galleries that recognized its value
[The New York Times]
This Thursday night, Artist Duke Riley planning a naval battle for Queens Museum of Art gets support from volunteers, the event titled “Those About To Die Salute You” promises to be the city’s art party of the summer [Wall Street Journal]
A major site-specific sculpture installation by Anish Kapoor will be at Guggenheim for the Museum’s 50th anniversary
An $150,000 Philadelphia art prize announces finalists and boasts being the largest prize given for visual arts in a juried competition [Art Review]
In related, The Kandinsky Prize, the most important Contemporary art prize in Russia, will be showing works in London and will coincide with the Frieze Art Fair [Art Daily]

Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa via Louvre

A woman threw a tea cup at Mona Lisa in Louvre, as the painting hangs behind a bullet proof glass it is not damaged, the woman is taken to a psychiatric word [CNN]
Rocco Landesman’s pending appointment as the head of National Endowment for the Arts has been confirmed by US Senate
[Los Angeles Times]
Elizabeth Andrews, a gallery supervisor, intends to file a lawsuit against the Tate Modern regarding its cold temperature contributing to her deteriorating health as she is forced to move there from Tate Britain [Art Review]

Bruce Nauman via Sperone Westwater

A plane will perform Bruce Nauman’s Skywriting Project on September 12 in Pasadena, 40 years after the idea’s conception [Artforum]
3 months after its inauguration, MoCA China runs out of money and Mr. Aranita, its founder flees to Hawaii leaving his ex-girlfriend and only legal partner to deal with his many debts [Art Newspaper]
After Ryan McGinley spent two months in caves of North America for photo shoots, his Manhattan food choices are documented by New York Magazine [Grub Street]

Unicorn The Child’s Dream, Damien Hirst via Guardian

Damien Hirst’s vitrine “The Child’s Dream” will become a part of Tate St Ives exhibition titled “The Dark Monarch” starting 10 October [Art Daily]
After Sotheby’s profit declines 87%, William Sheridan, its Financial Officer, claims that art prices and sales have bottomed
Due in part to failed relationship with Sotheby’s, Stephen Ranger resigns as president of Toronto auction house Ritchies, as the auction house lays off its entire staff of 25 people [CBC]

Presidio, San Francisco – a historical site where Fisher planned to build a museum via LAT

Gap founder Donald Fisher’s immense collection of art may not be available to public in San Francisco, since his plan of building a museum in Presidio has been opposed by the preservationists [Los Angeles Times]
With rent prices dropping almost to half of what they used to be, art dealers open galleries in the Hamptons where their clients spend Summers
[The Art Newspaper]
To stop graffiti artists, Rome’s Mayor tries to pass a new law which assumes not only fines but also mandates cleaning up the defaced walls
[Life in Italy]
In reaction to decline of art donations, senator Charles Schumer tries to pass a bill making donating tax-advantageous [Wall Street Journal]
Christie’s in collaboration with Pierre Bergé and Associates announce the second Yves Saint Laurent auction estimated to raise $3-4 million for H.I.V research and in related Sotheby’s 4 November, 2009 sale will include seven Impressionist paintings from the Durand-Ruel collection [Auction Publicity]

Newport Mill transformed into an exhibition space via The Moment

Enormous old mill in New Hampshire is transformed by William Ruger into an exhibition space where an inaugural show “H2O Film on Water” will be held [The Moment]
Ryan McGinness is commissioned to create his first site-specific work to celebrate the opening of a new wing in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts [Art Info]
The 5 star Hotel Marienbad in Berlin accepts artwork as a form of payment as long as artists are not local [Guardian]
Glenn D. Lowry, the director of MoMA took a voluntary pay cut and yet managed to be the highest paid Museum Director in the six US museums with biggest budgets, landing $1.32 million for the fiscal year [The New York Times]
Funded by team owners, 14 site-specific works are created by prominent contemporary artists including Olafur Eliasson for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium
[The Art Newspaper]