$27 million worth of Miro, Rembrandt, Matisse and Pollock stolen in Monterey, California

September 30th, 2009

Joan Miro piece thought to be among those stolen Via Monterey County Herald

Approximately $27 million of artwork has been stolen from a home in Monterey, California on Friday afternoon. The substantial collection, belonging to A. Benjamin Amadio and Dr. Ralph Kennaugh, contained several important works including pieces by Jackson Pollock, Matisse, Miro, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The Jackson Pollock, a painting measuring  3-by-7-foot has never been on the open market and could potentially be worth more than $40 million alone.

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Van Gogh stolen from the collection Via KSBW

Amadio and Kennaugh are still in the process of completing an inventory to establish exactly what has been taken; it is believed some of the most valuable works in the collection have been taken along with computer records pertaining to them.


Amadio and Kennaugh insist the extent and value of their 300 piece collection was barely known to anyone.  The pair had never insured the works due to their belief that secrecy would keep their collection hidden and safe; this understanding has led the couple to conclude that the theft was an inside job: “I think the people that stole it, number one, knew what we had, and two, probably had buyers for the artwork before they went to take it,” Kennaugh said.

$1 million has been put forward for the safe return of the works and Amadio announced the reward may be increased to $5 million if information they receive leads to the arrest and conviction of the thieves.