Don’t Miss – Düsseldorf: ‘Eating the Universe. Food in Art’ at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf through February 28, 2010

February 18th, 2010

Bread or Alive
(2004) by Johannes Deinmling, via Kunstalle Dusseldorf

Currently showing at the Kunstalle Dusseldorf is “Eating the Universe. Food in Art.” The exhibit reflects on the term “Eat Art” coined by Swiss Artist Daniel Spoerri after he opened his restaurant in Burgplatz in Dusseldorf proceeded to found the Eat Art Gallery in 1970. The gallery inspired artists to produce works out of edible materials and food wastes. The exhibition’s title “Eating the Universe” was first used by Peter Kulbelka, former professor for film and cooking at the Studeschule in Frankfurt, for his 1970’s TV show on cooking as an art form. “Eating the Universe. Food in Art” reveals the continual link between food and art and their joint impact on life.

A Visitor looks at Thomas Rentmeister’s Untitled (2007) made of sugar and a shopping cart, via Artdaily

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Tableau-Piege 19
(1972) by Daniel Spoerri, via the Kunsthalle Dusseldorf

The exhibition is divided into two sections concentrating largely on works by Daniel Spoerri as well as those made for the Eat Art Gallery. The historical part of the exhibition concentrates on the origins of the Eat Art and showcases a replica of the Spoerri’s gallery. The main part of the exhibition features more recent work using edible materials.

(2008) by Sonia Alhauser, via Kunstalle Dusseldorf

More recent works present the impact of the “art of food” on our present society. For example, revealing the aesthetic materiality of edible goods, the obsessive complexity of eating disorders and corporeal ideals of beauty, and the kitchen as a creative and socially productive place.

(2007) by Damien Thomas Rentmeister, via Kunstalle Dusseldorf

The exhibition features important international loans and performances developed specifically for the exhibition by selected artists. Artists featured include Paul McCarthy, Joseph Beuys, Lili Fisher, Gordon Matta-Clark, Dieter Roth, Rikrit Tiravanija, and Philip Ross.

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