AO On Site: Kinetica Art Fair Debuts in London at the Ambika P3 Space, through February 7th, 2010

February 5th, 2010

Light installations by artist Rosaline de Thelin.

Currently on exhibit in London is the Kinetica Art Fair, the UK’s only fair dedicated to kinetic art, which mixes science and engineering  together in a modern mirage of moving and glowing artworks, some of which react to human movement and sound. The kinetic art exhibition, which includes wonders such as robots and holographic light beings, is designed to question the perceived boundaries between different disciplines through the use of light, robotics, sound and electronics. More than 150 artists are exhibiting at the event, which is organized by the Kinetica Museum. Over 30 galleries and other organizations are participating in the fair. Artists involved in the show include Paul Friedlander, Ivan Black, Paul Friedlander, Paul Beckett, Bálint Bolygó, Nik Ramage, Roseline de Thelin, Ben Parry, Rachel Garrard and many others.


Art Observed video coverage featuring artists, in order, Rachel Garrard, Vincent Leclerc, Interactive Agents, Rosaline de Thelin, Andras Mengyan, Vyacheslav Koleychuk, Lilyan Lin, Peter Logan, Paul Friedlander, Tom Wilkinson, Balint Bolygo and Squid Soup.

The  fair, which  is exhibited at the Ambika P3 space, a new art space located in a 14,00 square-foot former concrete testing facility on Marlebone road, involves myriad displays of kinetic art. Among the various pieces of the ‘technologically triumphant’ show were “holographic light beings,”  an orchestral milk float, and a giant, vertical electronic wave.

Work by artist Paul Friedlander.

‘Circuition’ by artist Rachel Garrard, a holographic presentation

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