Go See – New York: Jorge Pardo at Friedrich Petzel through June 19th, 2010

June 8th, 2010

Installation view, Jorge Pardo, 2010. All images via Friedrich Petzel Gallery.

Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York City, presents a new installation by Jorge Pardo, a porous maze furnished with images from the internet.  Pardo’s structures form narrow passageways through which observers must walk, an action reminiscent of negotiating library stacks.  Observers navigate an amalgamation of memories and images, taking in landscapes, monuments, and faces out of context.  The curving nature of the piece and the carefully cataloged bank of information lend the gallery a cerebral nature.

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Installation view, closeup, Jorge Pardo, 2010

Pardo’s work, while practical and geometric, is also complex and at times, disorienting.  The proliferation of space afforded by technology expands the gallery into a virtual realm.  Instead of displaying several pieces, Pardo displays hundreds, in an organized yet inundating fashion.  This presentation of imagery and information is analogous to that of the internet.

Untitled, Jorge Pardo, 2010

Untitled, Jorge Pardo, 2010

In addition to the focus of the exhibition, the labyrinth installation, Friedrich Petzel Gallery features Pardo’s newest paintings, which sustain the themes of design and structure.  Pardo offsets complementary colors and systematic patters with nontraditional canvas shapes.

Installation view, Jorge Pardo, 2010

Pardo was born in Havana, but now lives and works in Los Angeles.  He has previously shown at Friedrich Petzel seven times.  The exhibition will run until June 19th, 2010, at 537 West 22nd Street.

Installation view, Jorge Pardo, 2010

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