Go See – Paris: Dash Snow, Harmony Korine and Ryan McGinley at galerie du jour through November 6, 2010

September 23rd, 2010

Dash Snow, Untitled (Metallic Trees) – God Spoiled, 2007. All images via galerie du jour unless otherwise noted.

Currently on view at galerie du jour is an exhibition entitled “3 + 1.” The 3 in this case refers to the New York trio of Dash Snow, Ryan McGinley and Harmony Korine, while 1 refers to the Parisian fashion designer agnès b. (née Angès Andrée Marguerite Toublé, 1941).  The show will remain at agnès b.’s galerie du jour, which specializes in contemporary photography, through November 6, 2010.  In the exhibit’s press release, agnès b. explains that her goal was not to pay homage to the late Snow, but rather to commemorate his life through a presentation of his work, a year after his death, in the company of his friends and peers.

Ryan McGinley, Chelsea, 2010

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Dash Snow, Untitled (Mim 2), 2007. Photo by Anabel Fernandes for purple DIARY

In collaboration with Jade Berreau (Snow’s partner at the time of his death last July, and mother of his daughter Secret) agnès b. is presenting Snow’s final works, including photography, sculpture, and installations.  Agnès b. met Snow at galerie du jour in 2003, when she staged an exhibition entitled “a NEW new york scene,” during which the gallery was opened to a group of young artists, most of whom were unknown at the time, for them to install photographs, drawings, paintings, and graffiti.  Included in the current exhibit are some videos taken by agnès b. with a hand-held camera, documenting nights out in Paris with various artists, as well as past exhibition installations at the galerie du jour.

Harmony Korine, 3+1 opening at galerie du jour, 2010. Photo by Anabel Fernandes for purple DIARY

Harmony Korine, Scumbag and Baby, 2010

Harmony Korine is a New York based artist with a diverse resumé.  He abandoned English studies at NYU after one semester in hope of becoming a professional skateboarder. While skating with friends in Washington Square Park, he met filmmaker Larry Clark, who asked him to write a screenplay based on his everyday life.  The result was Clark’s famous 1995 film Kids, starring Chloe Sevigny.  Korine has various other film credits to his name, such as the 1997 movie Gummo, which he wrote and directed, and which was hailed by Werner Herzog as the future of American cinema, and the music video for Sonic Youth’s Sunday.  A screening of Korine’s latest film, Trash Humpers, at the Cinémathèque de Paris on September 7, accompanied the opening of this show.

Harmony Korine, Scumbag 1, 2010

Harmony Korine, Scumbag 2, 2010

Ryan McGinley and Jade Burreau, 3+1 opening at galerie du jour, 2010. Photo by Anabel Fernandes for purple DIARY

Ryan McGinley’s work is presented here for the fourth time, after a solo exhibition in 2006 and participation in two group shows. On display is a series of portraits entitled “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere,” previously seen at Team Gallery in New York from March 18 through April 17, 2010.  McGinley began his career by taking photographs that documented his friends’ escapades, mostly throughout New York City, during which time he formed a strong friendship with Dash Snow.  In a short text which accompanies the exhibit, McGinley writes touchingly about his drug-fueled relationship with Snow, recalling “drug and alcohol induced memories.”  McGinley gained recognition for his work in 2004, when he began taking his subjects out into the countryside, where they roamed around, mostly in the nude, in search of freedom in nature.  Now he has transitioned to black and white photographs of nude subjects, taken in a studio setting.

Ryan McGinley, Michael, 2010

Ryan McGinley, Raymond, 2010

Ryan McGinley, Abiah, 2010

– M. Compagnon

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