AO ON SITE – Art Basel Miami Beach 2010: “The Island” Flagler Memorial Island off the Mondrian Hotel sponsored by OHWOW and LAND Friday, December 3rd

December 4th, 2010

Art Observed kicked its shoes off to experience The “Island” trip; a one night, site-specific exhibition on a deserted island in front of the Mondrian hotel. The mysterious event, which did not disclose its departure point until the day of, was organized by Shamim M.Morin (LAND) and Aaron Bondaroff/ Al Moran  of Miami’s OHWOW gallery.  The demand was needless to say very high for this event, and as such, the queue for the boats was a bit reminiscent of some of the final scenes in the movie Titanic.  The project however, was by most accounts, extremely special.  The installation featured works of fifteen artist including Terence Koh, Hanna Liden and Luis Gispert.  A boat brought the guests from the Mondrian hotel to the Flagler Memorial Island where artists “were doing site-specific projects in the foliage, sandbars and water”.

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All pictures by C.Claisse for Art Observed.