Art News – Grayson Perry Named Royal Academician

March 26th, 2011

Grayson Perry, via Esquire

British artist Grayson Perry has been named a Royal Academician for Printmaking at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, joining artists such as Tracy Emin and David Hockney as recipient of the prestigious title. Perry identifies as a transvestite and is known primarily for his ceramic work.

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Grayson Perry, Over the Rainbow (2001), via Saatchi Gallery.

The Royal Academicians are a group of up to eighty artists and architects who have been determined by their status as important contributors to British art. According to the Royal Academy’s website, “all RAs are artists by profession and fall into one of the following categories of Membership: Painters (including Engravers, Printmakers and Draughtsmen), Sculptors, Architects. All must be professionally active, either wholly or partly, in the United Kingdom. Of the 80 RAs, there must always be at least 14 Sculptors, 12 Architects and 8 Printmakers with the balance being drawn from the Painters category.” Each RA is entitled to show up to 6 works in the Royal Academy’s famous Summer Show, and is permitted to use the Royal Academy to exhibit his or her work. The Royal Academy is located in Picadilly, London, and is a privately funded institution that has been led by artists and architects since its founding in 1768 through a donation by King George III.

Grayson Perry, Quotes from the Internet (2005), via artnet.

Using traditional ceramic technique as well as collage and decoupage, Perry’s best-known work deals with issues such as sadomasochism, gender roles and identity politics. The work’s originality lies in the dichotomy between the use of a medium generally associated with craft or decoration and the consistently provocative nature of the themes addressed, which are carried over in his work in other media, including tapestries and prints. Upon winning the Turner Prize in 2003 for his vases, Perry appeared at the ceremony as his alter-ego, “Claire,” whom he describes as “a forty-something woman living in a Barratt home, the kind of woman who eats ready meals and can just about sew on a button.”

-K. Sundberg

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