Don’t Miss – New York: Hilary Harkness at Mary Boone Gallery through June 25th

June 22nd, 2011

Women with the Hat
(2011) by Hilary Harkness, via Mary Boone Gallery
Currently on view at Mary Boone Gallery on Fifth Avenue is an exhibition of new paintings by Hilary Harkness.  Renowned for use of Old Master techniques in combination with contemporary subject matter, in these new works Harkness further refines her skills and examines history, war, gender and the various sociocultural elements which continually shape present-day society.

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Bride with Stein with the Bonheur de Vivre
(2009) by Hilary Harkness, via Mary Boone Gallery

Pleasing Papa
(2011) by Hilary Harkness , via Mary Boone Gallery

The works on display highlight pivotal themes in her work such as WWII and its aftermath.   Each work is defined with warm tones painted in a rich palette. Interior shots with subjects dressed in 1940s attire exude the historical experience of the period and the sexuality and power alluded by the intimate scene.  The exhibit features a cycle of works which examine the life of Alice B. Tokias and Gertude Stein. The artist’s detailed portrayals brings to life the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

Hilary Harkness, Installation View via Mary Boone Gallery

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