AO On Site – Nice: “La Couleur en Avant” and “Arret sur image” at MAMAC through October 23rd, 2011

September 12th, 2011

La Couleur en Avant at MAMAC, Nice. Martial Raysse, Nissa Bella (1964)  All pictures by Caroline Claisse for Art Observed.

The Museum of  Modern and Contemporary Art—MAMAC—in Nice, France is showing Arret sur image (which translates to ‘stop on image’) through October 23rd, and La Couleur en Avant (‘the color before’) through November 27th. Both exhibitions represent modern and contemporary artists, with an emphasis on the colors and fluidity within the contemporary. In Le Couleur en Avant, sculptures by Yves Klein and paintings by Henri Matisse, among others, are juxtaposed to show their influence on the pop art of Martial Raysse. Arret sur image, held in Ponchettes Gallery, displays work by living artists such as Gilbert and George, Robert Longo, and Barbara Kruger, expanding on the thematic influence of color in a contemporary context. The work in Ponchettes Gallery remains in MAMAC’s permanent collection.

Arret sur image by MAMAC at Galerie des Ponchettes, Nice.

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Yves Klein, Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder (…)

Gilbert & George, Flower Worship (1982)

La couleur en avant, MAMAC, exhibition view

Raymond Hains, Castelli, Castellani (Macintoshage) (1998)

Barbara Kruger, Untitled (A picture is worth more than a thousand words) (1992)

La couleur en avant, MAMAC, exhibition view

Robert Longo, Hero (1993)

Rotraut Klein-Moquay, Spider (2008)

Daniel Dezeuze, Peintures sur chevalet (1998) ADAGP, Paris 2011

Yves Klein and Martial Raysse, Paris 2011

Ludovic Lignon, Bichromes RVB (2003-2010)

Cedric Teisseire, Alias (2000) © Cedric Teisseire, 2011

La couleur en avant, MAMAC, exhibition view

George Rousse, Durham (2006) © ADAGP, Paris 2011

Niki de Saint Phalle, Cathédrale Rouge (1963) © NCAF/ADAGP, Paris 2011

Flexner, Untitled (1992) © Roland Flexner, 2011

La couleur en avant, MAMAC, exhibition view

Michel, Les Moulins de Lumière (2011) ADAGP, Paris 2011

Arret sur image at Galerie des Ponchettes, MAMAC Collection


Annette Messager, Effigie n°6 (1985)

Laurence Aegerter, R.F. 1937-1-0803041149 (Ecole de Fontainebleau) (2008)

Georges Rousse, Nice (1998)

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