AO On Site Photo Set – New York: Kreëmart One Night Performance at Haunch of Venison, Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 29th, 2011

Performance view. All photos for Art Observed on site by Zachary Concepcion

Tuesday night, Haunch of Venison‘s new Chelsea gallery co-hosted a Kreëmart one-night-only performance with The American Patrons of Tate. Kreëmart is an artist collective that often collaborates with well known contemporary artists to produce performances and installations that use the medium of food, generally confectionery, to reposition one’s perspective and  interaction with such sweets.  Cake sculptures and banana ice cream (served by monkeys), along with two candy-obsessed women, kept visitors high on sugar whilst speculating the powdery white substance of Terence Koh‘s Untitled on the floor.  The evening teamed up seven artists with pastry chefs to indulge the senses in art, all works interactive and made specifically for the 2011 show.

Terence Koh, Untitled.

More photos after the jump…

Ryan McNamara, Pristine.

A late-night frosting heist.

Olaf Breuning working with his Banana Monkeys.

Angel Otero, Pissing Contest. Unleavened wafers were dipped in the chocolate and caramel fountains.

Janaina Tschape, There is a Pink Cloud for You (2011).

Installation view of Sandra Gamarra’s contribution. The piece also included a green rectangular-solid, and wooden spoons with the writing, “Éxodo 16:19  …Que nadie guarde nada para el día siguiente”. The red and green shapes were candy-coated red velvet layer cakes, and the ‘painting’ was marshmallow fluff.

Terence Koh’s Untitled. White powder, with a dollar bill guest contribution.

-S. Sveen

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