September 28th, 2011

Cindy Sherman buys $4.65M 10.2-acre waterfront Hamptons estate in Springs, NY, in a greater area that has been home to the likes of Warhol, de Kooning, Lichtenstein and Jackson Pollock [AO Newslink]

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The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY) February 1, 1994 | JUDI SHEPPARD MISSETT – Health & Fitness News Service For years, it has been widely accepted that an increase in body fat is an inevitable part of aging. Recent research indicates, however, that aging alone does not promote gains in body fat. Lifestyle still bears the greatest influence over an individual’s body fat percentage — at any age. in our site body fat percentage calculator

In fact, researchers at the St. Louis University School of Medicine and the Department of Veterans Affairs who collected data on nearly 700 people found that individuals between 20 and 39 years old averaged 25 percent body fat. The percentage jumped to 31 for people ages 40 to 85.

One might guess that body fat percentage continues to rise gradually over the years, with those in their 70s and 80s carrying the greatest amount. But this doesn’t appear to be true. Rather, the individuals studied seemed to hit their highest body fat percentage around age 40 and then maintained that level over subsequent years. Increases in body fat also were attributed primarily to weight gain, not to age-related changes in metabolism.

This is good news if you’ve ever felt powerless over the effects of aging! The truth is that you can control your body as the years pass, especially when it comes to body fat. Combined with a nutritious, low-fat diet, exercise is the best means of maintaining a desirable body-fat percentage. Though your exercise program can have numerous facets, aerobic training and resistance (strength) training should be the foundation upon which you build. site body fat percentage calculator

The following exercise is aerobic and uses the large muscle groups of the body (gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves). Remember, when exercise is per-formed on a consistent basis, your body becomes more efficient at mobilizing fat as fuel!

From a standing position, lift your left knee while you hop on your right foot, as shown in photos. Shift your arms a little to your right, keeping your elbows bent.

Hop on your right foot again as you touch your left foot to the floor on your left side. Extend your arms downward toward your left side. Reverse the movements by hopping on your left foot for two beats while you lift your right knee on the first beat, then touch your your right foot to your right side on the second. Do the entire sequence 15 times.

For variety, you can perform two or four touches to one side before reversing the movements. Repeat as desired and combine with other aerobic movements. You may also perform the movements without a hop for a low-impact workout.

JUDI SHEPPARD MISSETT – Health & Fitness News Service