October 8th, 2011

Artist Michael Heizer to move 340-ton boulder for permanent installation at LACMA; a $10 million, 9 night journey from quarry through Los Angeles [AO Newslink]

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Park trades pitches for pooches.

Omaha World-Herald (Omaha, NE) September 25, 2006 Byline: Rick Ruggles Sep. 25–Those who once played softball on Hefflinger Park’s lumpy fields may have believed those fields were more fit for dogs. Evidently they were right. Hefflinger Park, west of 108th Street and West Maple Road, has become the metro area’s first official, fully fenced dog park. The three-acre area for small dogs opened in mid-August, and the five-acre all-dog area (small dogs are welcome, assuming they want to hang with the big dogs) opened early this month. One evening last week, some 30 dogs romped, sniffed, chased and nipped their way around the all-dog area. An equal number of people seemed about as delighted to be there as their dogs. “It’s crazy how they all get along,” said Yano Nastasi, presumably referring to the dogs. His son, 5-year-old Nico, wore a Superman cape, a Spiderman T-shirt and a smile as waves of dogs went by. Their 2-year-old boxer, Riggs, was among those roaming the park. The dog park is a joint project of the City of Omaha and the Omaha Dog Park Advocates. Members of the Dog Park Advocates oversee the public park, raise funds for it, hold special events and conduct regular meetings. The City of Omaha mows the grass and helps with maintenance. Melissa Myers, secretary of the Dog Park Advocates, said the users of the park are expected to bring their own bags and pick up after their dogs. The organization hopes to eventually put in watering stations. Myers said so far there have been no dogs or people injured at the park. Omaha Parks Director Steve Scarpello said he was pleased with the orderly nature of the park. “So far it’s gone pretty smooth,” Scarpello said. Through 2005, Hefflinger Park was used primarily for softball and baseball. But the park is atop an old landfill, and the gradually shifting foundation left uneven ballfields. Hefflinger now also contains a dirt BMX bicycle track. An extensive list of rules, called “Petiquette,” greets owners and dogs at the gates: Aggressive dogs are not permitted in the park. Do not bring more dogs than you can handle. Dogs in heat are not permitted in the park. Fill any holes your dog digs. All waste must be bagged and disposed of immediately, completely and properly. website city of omaha here city of omaha

Dog owners at the park on a recent evening said they were pleased with the level of responsibility being shown by park users. Dayla Miller cringed as a Rottweiler chased and rolled her 1-year-old Wheaton terrier named Winston. Nevertheless, Miller said Winston loves the place. “You say, ‘Dog park,’ and he’s at the door and ready to go.” Heather and Chad Carroll regularly take their three dogs — Levi, Gus and Radar — to the park. Chad Carroll said the dog owners there appear to be quite responsible. “Most of the people here watch their dogs really closely,” he said. Heather Carroll said trips to the dog park have helped Gus, an Australian shepherd, gain social skills and become less timid. “He’s really come out of his shell,” she said.

Many dog owners say Hefflinger Park is a great way for dogs to make new friends and learn how to deal with other dogs. And with high numbers of dog owners sharing the space with their dogs, perhaps similar skills are being honed by the people there.

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