AO On Site Photoset – Art Basel Miami Beach: Rubell Collection Preview ‘American Exuberance’ and 11th Annual Breakfast Installation ‘Incubation,’ November 29 & 30, 2011

November 30th, 2011

Paul McCarthy, Cultural Gothic (1992). All photos on site for Art Observed by Caroline Claisse.

Art Observed was on site for the private Tuesday evening preview of the Rubell Family Collection/Contemporary Arts Foundation show American Exuberance. Throughout 28 gallery spaces in a 45,000 sq ft museum, 190 works by 64 artists explore the American condition today through art, dissecting the paradoxical arenas of culture, economics, and politics. A 244-page catalog includes written commentaries by 13 of the artists from the notable roster, as follows: Thomas Houseago, Richard Jackson, Rashid Johnson, Nate Lowman, Richard Prince, Sterling Ruby, Haim Steinbach, Ryan Trecartin, and to name a few. About a quarter of the works were made in 2011 specifically for the show.  Also, Art Observed returned the next morning on Wednesday for Jennifer Rubell’s 11th annual breakfast, which is presented every morning throughout the week, treats visitors to a small jar of fresh yogurt, to be ‘anointed’ with honey dripping from the ceiling.

Collecting dripping honey at Jennifer Rubell’s Incubation yogurt and honey breakfast.

Jennifer Rubell, Incubation (2011) installation view.

The “incubation gallery,” where yogurt is being made.

Thomas Houseago, Untitled (Red Man) (2008)

Joel Kyack Pine Woods Municipal Band Tryouts (2011)


Sterling Ruby, SP173 (2011)

Cindy Sherman, Untitled (#313) (1993)

Installation view

Kaarl Upson, The Grotto (2008-2009)

Inside view

Cady Noland, This Piece Has No Title Yet (1989)

Kelley Walker Black Star Press (rotated 90 degree counterclockwise) Black Star Press, Star Press, Press, Star (2005)

Ruby Neri, Man (2011)

Rob Pruitt, Eternal Bic (1999)

Richard Jackson, Upside Down Duck General (2010-11)

Phil Wagner, Untitled (American) (2011)

Mark Handforth, Honda (2002)

Lisa Yuskavage, Northview (2000)

Joel Kyack, Pine Woods Municipal Band Tryouts (2011)

Jeff Koons, Three Ball 50-50 Tank (Dr J Silver Series) (1985)

Jason Rhoades, Untitled (Chandelier) (2004)

Henry Taylor, Ride the White Horse Together (2011)

Hannah Greely, Dual (2005-09)

Haim Steinbach, Ultra lite#2 (1988)

Charles Ray, Oh! Charley Charley Charley… (1992)

Blair Thurman, Vintage Turntable (2010)

Bert Rodriguez, The True Artist Makes Useless Shit for Rich People to Buy (2008)

-S. Sveen

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