Go See – Rome: Cecily Brown at Gagosian Gallery through December 31, 2011

December 26th, 2011

Cecily Brown, The Green, Green Grass of Home (2010). All Images via Gagosian Gallery.

Gagosian Gallery in Rome is currently exhibiting a series of paintings by New York-based, London-born artist Cecily Brown. The exhibit examines the human experience, captured in lavish colors, radical abstractions, and voluptuous forms. Brown brings a rich history of painting to her work,  as she channels everything from the sensuality of Rubens to the expressionism of Willem de Kooning.

Cecily Brown, The Haunter (2010)

Challenging conventional narrative and context, Brown’s paintings are at liberty to flow in their own aesthetic reality. They also seem to possess a certain four-dimensionality, as she presents and explores a lost-and-found quality existing within the positive and negative spaces.

Cecily Brown, Dreamboat (2011)

Cecily Brown, installation View

Cecily Brown, installation View

The ebbs and flows of life are rendered through a tactical use of color, shape, and form: areas of the human figure are perceived in fragments, yet at once lost in a blur of color and abstraction. Brown has previously exhibited at such galleries as the Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin and the Museum der Moderna in Salzburg, and is credited with ushering in a resurgence in the appreciation of painting since the 1990s. She has been represented by Gagosian Gallery since 1999.

-D. Furnal

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